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9 piazza Santa Maria

12016 Peveragno


Tel: 0039-0171 338 263

Mobile 0039-339639 5877

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The new version of my service is now in place and up-and-running.

Based on the successful formula used for over twenty years with my competitions and Advertising Week services, a completely customized illustrated weekly list is sent to each individual subscribing practice.

Covering architecture, urban design, development consulting, transportation, landscaping, interiors and specialist design, the brief for each practice is based on their individual experience, aims and approach.

Drawing on my over thirty years' experience of working with the worlds of architecture and strategic advertising, a very wide range of projects are considered for each firm. Open, 2- and 3-stage competitions, tenders, consulting. From pre-project and viability to design.

The reaction of one of the first firms to use it ? « We have identified eight or so projects from your first two weekly lists.  With our current setup it is not going to be manageable for me to submit all of these – do you have any tips for narrowing down our shortlist? » Yes, I am available for back-up advice where needed.

The list itself, as with all my work, is prepared entirely manually and provides a specially-translated summary in English, with background information where appropriate and illustration to give a better idea of context, as well as client-contact details.

It is my view that in a market as tough as the current one, Practices need to locate work which reflects their strengths in terms of experience, skills and the difficult-to-define enthusiasm.

The work is real, "live" and funded.  You may be surprised - pleasantly surprised - how exciting some of it is.

If you want work, I can help you to locate it.

Give me a call to discuss how.

With best wishes

Richard Haut

Mobile 0039-339639 5877

E-mail: hautrichard@hotmail.com



Richard Haut is delighted to announce ARCHINTEL his combined project information, advanced notification and intelligence service for architects.

Architectural practices need a continuing flow of information about current, up-and-coming and future projects.

ARCHINTEL provides Practices with "live" ready-to-go project information, details of projects underway which require their skills in the coming stages and future work with Horizons of between 6 months and 10 years.

ARCHINTEL is a tough, fast-paced service which is built on Richard Haut's 30 years' experience of successfully locating exciting work for some of architecture's great design names.

To discuss how ARCHINTEL can help to identify curent and future work for your Practice, please contact Richard Haut to discuss your brief:

Richard Haut
telephone: 0039-339639 5877

email: hautrichard@hotmail.com

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ARCHINTEL provides a multi-faceted service which can provide a continuing range of project information to Practices.


* "live" ready-to-go projects


* pre-project information of long-term infrastructure projects


* programmes of work, covering Horizons to 10 years


* sector-tracking - intelligence for specialist markets


covering architecture, restoration, mixed-development, transportation, urban and regional planning, interiors, landscape and specialist design.


Adjusted to the individual needs and aims of the Practice, Categories may include the following:

1. UK, Ireland + Europe (tenders including those outside the "competitions" service  brief)

2. UK, Ireland + Europe (major long-term projects for which pre-feasibility/study work has been announced/awarded - awards give a direct point-of-contact)

3. Programmes of work

4. Air transportation (following the air transportation industry to obtain sight of and an ability to follow relevant plans/work)

5. Maritime transportation (following the maritime transportation industry to obtain sight of and an ability to follow relevant plans/work)

6. Rail industry (following the rail transportation industry to obtain sight of and an ability to follow relevant plans/work)

7. Museums/cultural: a very broad following of the relevant worlds to obtain details of possible/intended projects

8. Other/design contests: this covers a range of work which is found either directly or through information which leads from one market to an opportunity in another and would include as its main element design contests outside Europe.

9. Regional oversight: a general following of major changes, news and plans in locations internationally: e.g. USA, South-East Asia, Russia with the intention of locating notable plans or projects which could come under the category of “Big Government”. This can also result in information in emerging markets since work of scale in those markets would be likely to be funded by the developed world (with a range included which is EU-financed).


The precise combination of services and categories is adjusted to the Practice's brief.

for detailed discussion, please contact:


Richard Haut
0039-339639 5877
email: hautrichard@hotmail.com

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Richard Haut
9 piazza Santa Maria
12016 Peveragno

tel: 0039-0171 338 263
mobile: 0039-339639 5877

email: hautrichard@hotmail.com



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